Business Start-up & Expansion

Anyone who has or is in the process of setting up a business appreciates how frustrating and time consuming it can be, when all you really want to do is get started.  We have been there and feel your pain!  Some things don’t have to be hard and slow.  We have many years’ experience dealing with HPSU clients who are in early stages of commercialisation and / or raising equity finance.  With a base in NUI Galway’s Technology Transfer Office, we work closely with such companies, helping them get investor ready.

We also work closely with HBAN, the umbrella group responsible for developing and managing business angel investment syndicates on the island of Ireland, so we know what investors look for when considering an equity investment.

It’s worth having an early-stage discussion about:

  • How to get investor ready
  • How the fundraising process works
  • What do State and private investors look for
  • What paperwork is involved
  • What structures and share classes do investors want
  • The impact for the company of taking EIIS finance from investors
  • What is the funding landscape of Ireland like and what options are there
  • When should you register for tax

The founders’ wealth protection is fundamental before entering into any negotiations with potential investors and there are tax efficient structures that can be put in place before legal agreements are discussed.  Some things to keep in mind are:

  • Whether to operate as a sole trader, incorporate or create a group structure
  • Should the founder have a personal holding company and what impact does that have for investors
  • Short, medium and long term planning to ensure the structure put in place now is fit for purpose on a future exit or subsequent funding round
  • Corporate reconstructions and reorganisations in advance of major organisational change
  • Aligning the receipts of sales proceeds with the due date for paying tax, particularly where some of the exit consideration is deferred or in a non-cash form
  • Maximising the R&D tax credit and Knowledge Development Box when structuring IP

Call us for a consultation to run through some of the things you need to know, shortcuts you can take and efficiencies you can achieve.

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