Retirement & Succession Planning

Your planning for retirement should start long before you’re ready to retire, ideally before the age of 55 so you can maximise your entitlement to claim tax reliefs and optimise pension funding when you do.  Whether you have a family member lined up to take over the business or you are readying it for third party sale, some of the issues we can help you with are:

  • Developing a tax efficient succession and retirement plan, including helping you draft new
    wills as your personal and financial circumstances change
  • Maximising the availability of tax reliefs before and on retirement
  • Optimising tax efficient cash extraction before exiting the business
  • Reviewing your assets and income sources to assess the provision you have made for your retirement years and to see if there are ways to improve it
  • Advising on appropriate corporate reorganisations in advance of passing on the business to reduce the effective rate of tax on exit and separate accumulated non-business assets from the trade

We work closely with your legal and financial advisors in developing the most appropriate succession plan taking your very personal and unique circumstances into account.  In fact, much of our work comes from referrals from such advisors who need tax advice on the plan they have developed for their clients.

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