West punches above its weight, inaugural event of Laura Lynch & Associates

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Galway and the west is a region that is punching way above its weight, particularly when it comes to sectors such as Medtech and Fintech — and local professional service firms were seeing a gradual recovery in the economic fortunes of their clients — an event to introduceevent are MC Ivan Yates, Pat Lam, Laura Lynch, strategic tax firm Laura Lynch & Associates was told last week.

Hosted by Curran Financial Services, Galway’s premium planning and investment advisory firm, and newlyestablished strategic tax firm, Laura Lynch & Associates, in association with Davy Select, guests at the Radisson Blu were treated to a panel discussion about success and ambition in Galway in 2016 and beyond.

Laura Lynch is Managing Director of Laura Lynch & Associates. She trained with Arthur Andersen, leaving there as Tax Manager in 2002. She subsequently worked for KPMG, Sydney, SWS Group, Cork and Mazars, Galway. She is an AITI Chartered Tax Advisor (CTA), a Fellow of Chartered Accountants Ireland and has lectured extensively for the Irish Tax Institute, including delivery of their annual Finance Bill nationwide tour. She is co-author of the ITI’s publication, FINAK – Finance Act 2015 Explained.

Michael FitzGerald of OnePageCRM joined Ross Curran and Laura Lynch on stage, where broadcaster Ivan Yates challenged them on issues such as how businesses on the western seaboard compete with and differentiate themselves from their counterparts in Dublin and what the future holds for industry in Connacht.

There was a general consensus that the West punches above its weight when it comes to sectors such as Medtech and Fintech, and that local professional service firms were seeing a gradual recovery in the economic fortunes of their clients. Businesses and individuals in the West have the opportunity now to capitalise on the upturn, but only by taking advantage of sound and relevant advice around financial and tax planning opportunities.

The highlight of the evening was when Connacht rugby coach, Pat Lam, took to the stage to great acclaim from the audience and was interviewed at length by Ivan Yates. The two men covered a wide range of topics and drew strong reactions from the riveted audience. Pat was questioned about his commitment to Connacht rugby, plans for development and location of a new Sportsgrounds, the impact of losing key players and the future for Connacht rugby having achieved so much this season. He delighted guests with his humour and honesty, his unique insights into Connacht Rugby’s magical season and what it means for the region, in sport and businesses alike.

“Ivan chaired a panel discussion between Ross, Michael and I about doing business in the West and how business owners like ourselves compete with the large corporations and our counterparts in Dublin,” said Ms Lynch. “With questions about the west’s infrastructure, broadband and isolation, he didn’t go easy on us! However, when we countered with examples of sectoral successes and support services, winning clients nationally not just locally and the actively engaged business angel community this side of the Shannon, we convinced him that the West’s awake!”